Provigil: To Beat Sleepiness and the Related Disorders

Summary: The people fighting excessive sleep disorders and problems like narcolepsy, sleep apnea can find a solution in provigil, the medicine that induces wakefulness and helps people stay alert in their day to day activities. However, one should be careful while taking it as the medicine may cause some serious side effects.

For those who want to fight the tendency to doze off at the different times of the day can find a solution in the form of Provigil, the medicine that induces wakefulness. The last few decades have witnessed a change in the lifestyles of people and a related rise in the number of people who suffer from excessive sleepiness and the like sleep disorders. Due to this, there has been a need for a medication that can help people stay alert during the day such that their normal day to day activities are not affected.

Provigil works after bringing about an alteration in the natural chemicals present in the brain such that one might not feel sleepy after taking it in the prescribed quantity. The medicine can be taken by patients of sleep apnea, narcolepsy, disorders caused by changing work shifts and other sleep disorders of the kind. It should be noted that the intake of the medicine does not cure these disorders altogether but helps one fight them. They may not remove the sleepy feeling completely but helps overcome it and stay alert.

Though the medicine does a lot of benefit to the users, there are a few things that should be remembered when taking provigil as there can be side effects of it. First of all, the people who are allergic to modafinil or armodafinil should not take the medicine in any case. The medicine uses these compounds as their base so has a high percentage of these. Secondly, if a person develops any kind of skin allergies or reactions like rashes or blisters, or has sores in the mouth after taking provigil, they should immediately stop the intake and consult a doctor as soon as possible for the cure. Also, the medicine is not meant for prescribing to children, so it should kept away from their reach.

Along with these, provigil is also unsafe for people who have liver or kidney related problems, have chest pain or have recently had a heart attack. It is also unsafe to be used by pregnant women and those who have a history of drug addiction. The fact of the matter is that sleep disorders are always related to the nervous system and the medicines given for them also target to repair the problems with it. So, many a times, the medicines can be strong and can affect the sensitive organs and systems of those who take them. Thus, care should be taken while taking provigil and other medicines for sleep related disorders.